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A community for the celebration of the Nick/Ellis pairing, and all things Left 4 Dead.
L4D2 Nick/Ellis Community

This is an open community for all fans of the Nick/Ellis pairing, and all things from Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2.
Feel free to share or post anything you'd like about the Left 4 Dead series. Fanart, fanficition, icons, even interpretive dance. If you can dream it, you can post it.

While Nick/Ellis is the center focus of this community, all Left 4 Dead content is acceptable here. When posting non-Nick/Ellis content, please follow the first rule of this community, noted with three asterisks. (***)

The Nick/Ellis Community


1) First and foremost: Play nice. Respect others, and others will respect you.
This means: No flaming. Flamers will be banned on first offense. We all have our own thoughts and opinions, but this is a place where everyone should feel welcome.
*** A note to non-Nick/Ellis posters! Posting, for example, a Nick/Rochelle fanfic is fine, as long as it's done out of kindness. "I love Nick/Rochelle, here's my fanfic" is fine, but "Nick/Ellis is stupid, here's some Nick/Rochelle" is not. Flaming, towards anything, is never okay.

2) All content is accepted here (K through M+, G through NC-17) just make sure everything is given an appropriate warning, and placed under an LJ-cut.

3) No spamming.

4) Fanfiction, fanart images, YouTube videos, and more than three icons must be placed under an LJ-cut. This rule is to respect our members' Friends' page.

5) While I can't imagine it's terrible easy to "spoil" Left 4 Dead, all spoilers must be placed under an LJ-cut.

6) Post intelligently. (ie: n0t lyek tH1s.)

(Of course, all moderators reserve the right to enforce, change or add to these rules.)

Everyone is welcome, so please, HAVE FUN!



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